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Online Trading: Its History and Development

The online trading of financial securities is a natural use for the computer industry. The NASDAQ Stock Exchange, which is all electronic, goes back as far as 1971, though at that time networking technologies could not yet support the active buying and selling of stocks or other financial instruments.

However, the vast quantities of financial assets which can be bought and sold by millions of people around the world make the process much easier when tracked and facilitated by computers. Storing and manipulating such detailed data is their specialty.

Electronic Communications Networks

People who wished to make money by buying and selling securities, trading, had to depend on calling up their brokers, a frustrating situation. They had little control over the result. However, by the late 1980s, most stocks bought and sold on the NASDAQ exchange were traded over Electronic Communications Networks (ECN). However, only market makers and major traders could access the ECNs.

The Rise of Online Brokerages

By 1995, the Internet had become accessible to the general public, and new, low-cost brokerages such E-Trade and Ameritrade formed to take advantage of the ability to take customer orders online rather than over the telephone.

The High Tech Stock Boom

Internet stocks were starting to skyrocket to the sky, and many individuals believed they could make money on the ups and downs of financial securities. They used dedicated software platform such as Trade Station to access the market, analyze everything according to the numbers the service providing, using graphs and other visual support.

Some people found places offering similar services. They paid, and had access to information denied ordinary brokerage customers. There were similar services for those seeking to trade the trillion dollar Interbank foreign exchange markets.

Day Trading Became Popular

Stories of day trading using online trading to make fortunes buying Microsoft and Intel on dips and selling them on rises became as common in the 1990s as the stories of young people getting an idea for a website and turning it into a billion dollar business practically overnight. These day traders typically followed the technology companies whose products they knew and used. Therefore, the already volatile Cisco and Netscape company shares became popular for day traders.

Option Trading

In 1999, thinkorswim developed a terrific platform for options traders. Its platform included a wide selection of tools with which to analyze trades and perform research. TD Ameritrade bought it in 2009.

Mobile Trading

Now, online trading can take place on smartphones and tablets. The technology changes, but not the desire for traders to profit from their opinions.

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