Top traders in FOREX market all over the world

Practice makes a man perfect. This proverb is taught to every child during his school time. The same proverb is applies everywhere. The currency exchange market is not at all a rocket science which one cannot understand. Of course, it will take lot of time! But only by practicing the same activity with full dedication and for longer time, you can touch the sky and very soon.

This is what made possible for men to have reached the top in dealing with the foreign exchange activity. We have listed down some of the men who have achieved a lot in the currency exchange market and have become successful Forex traders.

Name of the men who have achieved a good status in Forex trading

  • George Soros: George Soros is basically considered as the king of currency exchange. His amazing strategies of investments help him succeed in the investment world. George Soros also worked with the Stanley Druckenmiller and Andy Krieger. These two names are always taken with the George’s name. A lot of people have not considered George as their idol person. Many people read his investment strategy book and started following him. He is considered as most successful investor in the whole world. George has another name known as “The man who broke the bank of England”.
  • Stanley Druckenmiller: Another typhoon of the investment world is Stanley Druckenmiller. He is considered as most the famous person by the investors. He is famous because he has placed two successful bets on one currency. The first bet was made by him after the collapse of Berlin war; this incident made him a rich man. This was followed by his second bet, which he placed, this smashed the whole world.


  • Andy Krieger: Andy Krieger is another famous investor of the currency. He does this job for the bankers trust. A memorable moment was, after the black Friday for the US$, there were only few investors who were ready to invest on the dollar. Andy invested in the New Zealand dollar popularly known as KIWI. Andy’s success oriented investment strategies made him successful man, and he earned lot of US dollars for his pocket.          


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