Forex: The tools needed to thrive in currency markets

that they may be facing by having a significant portion of their assets located in their home countries. Trading in Forex markets may require special skills and tools to succeed in trading and identifying the tools necessary, as distinct and separate from other forms of investing, is an essential part of understanding whether Forex trading is right for you.

Understanding the Macroeconomy

Stocks and bonds are impacted by both internal and external factors and both the micro and macro economy need to be analyzed and monitored to determine the proper investment strategy. Forex markets are impacted by the macroeconomy (the economy in aggregate) primarily and understanding the market forces that drive the macroeconomy can significantly impact the success of your investment strategy. This often requires an individual to keep abreast of and analyze news events including Federal Reserve actions both domestically and abroad, understanding the trade balance of imports and exports, and analyzing key ratios for nations such as the debt to gross domestic product. Knowledge of international markets and economies are a necessary skill and tool needed to trade effectively in foreign markets.

Using Leverage

Foreign currencies do not fluctuate as widely as other investment types. A one percent movement in two currencies is considered to be an outlier when talking about the stable currencies that most investors choose to invest in. While an equity investment can increase or decrease significantly based on an acquisition or loss of a major customer, foreign currencies do not commonly fluctuate significantly from one period to the next. As much of Forex trading involves taking advantage of movements in the underlying currencies if they don’t move significantly then it becomes difficult to earn significant amounts. Due to the stability of many currencies Forex traders are given access to significant amounts of leverage in their Forex trading. Traders in forex markets need to be confident with using this leverage to successfully trade. Deploying leverage effectively requires having sufficient capital to backstop your foreign currency trades as well as the right temperament to be patient when having large amounts of capital outstanding.

Quantitative Tools

While trading in Forex markets quantitative tools are needed to track the various currencies and their relationships. Many forex traders use specialized software programs that compare the relative currencies and look for imbalances in their inter-relationships by using regression analysis in addition to other tracking tools. Computerized software that provided current Forex rates and tracks currencies is a necessary tool to trade in foreign markets.

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