EZtrader Deposit

EZtrader deposit

EzTrader is the first and the oldest in the binary options industry. The first of its kind, EzTrader began in 2008 offering binary options trading, and it came out with a very user friendly interface. As it came out and spread, EzTrader made the binary options trade seem more like a gambling effort, but their over friendly interface and the uniqueness when it came out became quite favored among the users. However, in the past few years, bad and negative user reviews coupled together with competition that offers a more advanced and diverse field of options have greatly harmed EzTrader and its diminishing pool of users.

EzTrader: In General

EzTrader offers its users to earn a wide variety of bonuses, and their user friendly interface makes it seem as a great option for binary options trading. However, varied user opinions may make a potential user doubtful about putting in his money with EzTrader, though a large number of complaints against them also make one wonder about the genuineness and validity of said complaints. In an attempt to make trading easy and user friendly, they have left out on a number of features and left it with a very basic platform, which together accounts for a not so good platform for experienced users.

Withdrawals at EzTrader

EzTrader has gained negative reviews largely due to their withdrawal system and related complaints. While they claim that all deposits are processed within three days, a large number of users have complained that not only the refunds take a large time to process, but are also at times cancelled without any specified reason, and no reply is given to the users regarding this regard.

EzTrader deposits: Process and reviews

However, unlike their withdrawal system, the deposit process that one has to undergo with EzTrader comes with almost no problems. EzTrader offers primarily three options to its users for depositing funds: by using a credit card, through a wire transfer or through international payment providers like Moneybookers. The minimum deposit amount for EzTrader is around $25.
Several other options are also available through a large number of international partners such as TrustPay, UseMyServices, Sofort and much more. A large number of local payment providers are available worldwide for easy deposition solutions in EzTrader. Thus, as expected, getting your money in EzTrader is as easy as tough it is to withdraw it. EzTrader has partnerships with over 25 international payment providers for the sake of convenience of their users.

Thus, if one talk just about deposits at EzTrader, there is nothing negative about them. The process is simple, fast and hassle free and there are virtually no complaints regarding EzTrader’s deposit system. A large number of options for depositing funds makes it very easy for users to begin trading, and what happens later is a different story altogether. However, for a beginner, EzTrader is a great option to start at along with its simple interface, not so complex options and limited features. The deposits and easy to make, and trading is easy to begin without any complications.

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