EZtrader Withdrawal

EzTrader Withdrawals

EzTrader began as the first in the binary trading options provider, back in 2008. Since 2008, EzTrader has come through a lot of ups and downs, ranging from almost doubling their assets to getting negative reviews and complaints from their users. One of the most common and widespread complaints regarding EzTrader is regarding their withdrawals system and as to how they have withheld the withdrawals of several of their users. Moving on we attempt to explore as to what the problem really is and what kind of a withdrawal system does EzTrader offer its users.

EzTrader Withdrawal Systems

EzTrader, as given on their website, offers its users with two different withdrawal systems. The first one is the Credit/Debit card system, which is free, thus charging the user no extra fee. The second system is that of a wire transfer, which comes along with a processing fee of $25. There is no minimum or maximum limit on withdraws imposed by EzTrader, and each withdrawal takes up to a 3 business days to process.
However, this is where the positive or neutral facts about EzTrader and their withdrawals end. When it comes to user opinions and reviews about EzTrader, their simplified user interface is the only positive thing that can be said about EzTrader.

Complaints and customer reviews

The internet is full of complaints against EzTrader by a large fraction of its users, with almost all of them regarding their withdrawals being stuck or not being processed. The time period of three days said to be involved in processing withdrawals is not at all close to the real time that EzTrader takes to process withdrawals. Users have complained that they have to at times wait months for their withdrawals to be processed, often without getting any response after requesting for a withdrawal. There have been many complaints that withdrawals are at times cancelled for no reason, and no response being provided in the said matter. Thus, when the user is unable to get the money he earned, then surely investing one’s money and time in such a service is surely not a good option.
While many complain against withdrawals by EzTrader, there are quite a few who say that this service may not be a scam, and that it is hassle free. However, positive reviews are limited and surely overshadowed by the negative ones.

Negative reviews

Also, several complaints over the internet also claim that their no minimum withdrawal limit is not true. Several users have complained on their withdrawals being cancelled suddenly, and upon enquiry, being told that they cannot withdraw until the total in their account has reached a certain amount. While the deposits from credit cards are reported as hassle free and almost instant, the withdrawals are reported to be very slow and stressful. Thus, as a service offering users the opportunity to earn, not being able to withdraw one’s earnings is most definitely against the purpose of the website. Even after several calls and months, many users have still complained of being unable to obtain their withdrawals.

Thus, EzTrader may be the oldest service there is, but they do need a better withdrawal system and resolve all pending customer issues as soon as possible, as these are greatly damaging the company’s reputation.


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